Journalism glossary

Glossary of Terms

ANGLE: The particular aspect of a subject that the writer chooses to focus on.

BROADSHEET: The large sheet of paper on which most newspapers are printed.

GRAF: Short for “paragraph.”

INVERTED PYRAMID: Structure used in hard news writing, whereby the most important facts are placed first in the story, and facts are thereafter organized in descending order of importance. Not used in feature writing.

KEYWORD: A word or phrase used in searching a database or the Internet.

LEAD (SOMETIMES, MOSTLY IN THE NEWSPAPER WORLD, WRITTEN “LEDE”): The beginning paragraph or paragraphs of the article.

NUT GRAF: In a feature article, the paragraph following the opening that lays out clearly what the story is about.

PEG: A recent event that is the reason for writing the story.

POINT-OF-VIEW: The writer’s subjective view of the topic; her opinion.SCENE: a description of a place or event using much detail, to give the reader a strong sense of what it was like to be there.

STYLE: The way language is used in a piece of writing.